Thursday, February 14, 2013

Current Topics in Bioethics - A Free Seminar

Free Seminar on Current Topics in Bioethics By Sheila Mikhail, founder of Life Sciences Law (LSL)

The field of bioethics merges various aspects of several disciplines, including biology, medicine, politics, and law. The role of human subjects in the investigation of therapeutics gives rise to several concerns within the realm of bioethics, with such concerns increasing over time.

This presentation will provide an overview of several areas with respect to bioethics, including:

(1) ensuring the safety of study participants in human clinical trials as it relates to the process of obtaining and ensuring informed consent,

(2) the use of drugs that have not yet been approved by the FDA for patients who have no other treatment options available under compassion use principles,

(3) the ownership of biological samples isolated from patients, and

(4) the patentability of isolated gene sequences.


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