Sunday, October 18, 2009

Biostatistics conferences/workshops

When I started my career in biostatistics, I joined the American Statistical Association (ASA) and attended its annual meeting (Joint Statistical Meeting) rotated in different large cities in North America (US and Canada). I have enjoyed the atmoshpere of the conference and networked with friends and professors in the statistical field.

For two consective years, I have skipped the meeting. Instead, I attended the FDA/Industry Statistical Workshop. JSM may be good to the students, but may not be good for professions (especially for statisticians who are working in drug development area). JSM has a lot of sessions/presentions that are unfiltered and too theoretic. A lot of stuff may never have the value in application. Even though it may be applicable one day, it may not be acceptable to the regulatory agencies.

The statistical conferences, symposiums, workshops with focus on clinical trial and drug development have thrived in recent years. Twice a year, FDA holds its workshops: one with Drug InformationAssociation "FDA/industry statistical forum" and one with ASA "FDA/industry statistical workhop". These conferences are more specific to the biopharmaceutical field and the topics are more relevant to the daily work of biostatisticians.

There are also several societies with focus on biostatics, for example, the International Society for Biopharmaceutical Statistics (ISBS) and the International Society for Clinical Statistics (ISCS). The International Chinese Statistical Association (ICSA) is also adjusting its focus to the biopharmaceutical field. Within ASA, biopharmaceutical network has been formed.

To get a flavor of the topics in these meetings, see the following links:


koko said...

I just want your blog and learned a lot! Thanks for sharing all the workshop/conference presentations!

Biometrics Matters said...

And the ISCB ( is meeting in Ottawa in August this year. Int'l Society for Clinical Biostatisticians.